Life @ BEL

Life @ BEL

We are Family. It’s more than just a tagline. It embodies our principles and defines our bond with the greatest assets of our company – Employees!

We believe in providing equal opportunities for you to grow and excel in your career and beyond. BEL is a dynamic organization, which thrives on working hard and also involves itself in a variety of activities including sports, education, community, social events etc.


We have a responsibility to do the right thing and actively make life better for our employees. We organise workshops and conduct check-ups on a regular basis for a better mental and physical well-being.


To keep our employees motivated and engaged at work, we celebrate every major events and festivals with full enthusiasm and fanfare. We conduct icebreaker sessions and games, which helps employees know each other better.


We all hope to work for a company that values our work and treats us with respect. We train our employees on various behavioural and psychological aspects to boost morale and to deal efficiently in a crisis situation.


We organise townhalls and chat sessions with the management for a transparent work culture. We respect our employees and we hear them periodically through our regional and international townhalls for timely grievance and feedback.


Seeing our shelves packed with awards, we know that our achievements were possible only because of the hardwork and the dedication of our team.


As an organisation, we believe every voice can make a difference. We conduct employment engagement survey annually so that employees from across the country can voice out their concerns to create a better work environment. The responses are kept confidential and none of the BEL employees can access the same. Your voice matters to us!